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MS Outlook ~ Pop Set-Up

Version 2010 used in this example. Others are similar looking but the settings should be the same.

First open MS Outlook. Next click on File. So that the screen below is shown.

NOTE: Click image to enlarge

Now click on Add Account, see next screen

Tick the last choice to add manually. Now click Next>

Tick the first box (POP or IMAP) and click Next>

Fill in the fields as shown in the example above.

Your name as you want it to show from when you send a email.
Fill in your E-Mail Address.
Select account type – PoP3
add mail server like this mail.yoursite.com, Incoming and outgoing mail servers are the same.
Fill in user name, (same as e-mail)
Tick Remember Password (unless you share this computer)
Now before you click Next> lets Test the settings, Click Test account Settings.
You should get a all good notice, if not then re check your settings. If you still have a error the next thing to do is check the settings used by logging into *web mail. This will test the account username and password. To do this go to http://mail.yourwebsite.com (mail.xxxx.xxx). Now using the same settings see if you can log in  If so then the problem is in Outlooks settings. If not then most likely reason is you have the incorrect password or username (username is always your full email.

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